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Product Name: Carbon Molecular Sieve
Product Type: NK-CMS
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Carbon Molecular Sieve is widely applied in petroleum chemical industry, the heat treatment of metal, the electronic manufacture and food preservation industries.

Carbon Molecular Sieve Details

Carbon Molecular Sieve
The component of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) is carbon. Carbon Molecular Sieve takes the appearance of cylindrical black solid, contains countless 4 angstrom fine pores, it can be used to separate air into nitrogen and oxygen .In industry,

Carbon Molecular Sieve can concentrate nitrogen from air with PSA systems.NAIKE Carbon Molecular Sieve products have the character of large nitrogen yield capacity; high nitrogen recovery. It can meet the requirement of all types of PSA nitrogen systems.

Physical properties

Cylindrical Diameter: 1.6mm    
Bulk Density: 640-660g/l
Crushing Strength: 100N/p Min  
Dust level: 100PPM Ma

Tech data:

Service scope

The following merits of service:
High ratio performence&price, reducing investment cost and operation cost.
Large hardness, little ash, long service life, uniform particles which protests air current impact.

Stable quality:
Testing strictly according to 100% standard of production and ex-factory testing management.
The resin uses in producing the high pure nitrogen with good performance which substitutes the similar import products.

Main products

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