Column internals are installed on adjusted or on existing column attachments. The requirements are carefully verified and specified for each situation. Internals could be designed and delivered for di
Ceramic Random & Structured Column Packing is highly for mass transfer , suitable for the conditions of higher temperature and lower temperature and can be much more resistant to all kinds of orga
Plastic Random & Structured Column Packing is highly for mass transfer , and many of them are widely used for waste water treatment . Includedintalox saddles, super intalox saddles,pall ring, Casc
For Mass transfer of many kinds of tower .Naike offers two performance-improving structured packings: Corrugated Structured Packing, and wire gauze packing.And metal random Packing including: metal in
The ceramic balls are broadly utilized as the covering or supporting materials of the catalyst in the reactors and the packing in the columns in such varied areas, for example, petroleum, chemical ind
Ceramic honeycomb materials exist mainly as the catalyst support /carrier , heat exchange media, Ceramic filter plate for cast/ foundry and High alumina honeycomb ceramic plate/slice filters for sulfu
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