MBBR bio filter media shipment

We deliver 2 40HQ MBBR bio filter media today.

Naike MBBR bio filter media advantage

1)Rapid carrier bio film formation mechanism

2)Super decarburization, amonia nitrogen removal capacity

3)Excellent resistance to shock load performance

4)Flexible way of engineering application

5)Simple operation and maintenance

6)Long service life-100% virgin HDPE material

7)Deoxidation and phosphorus removal effect is good

Naike MBBR bio filter media application

1)The sewage plant upgrade project, improve the standard and quantity

2)New sewage treatment project of MBBR and biological aerated filter process

3)Biochemical treatment of reclaimed water

4)River regulation denitrification and phosphorus removal

5)Aquaculture in addition to ammonia nitrogen, water purification

6)Biological filter media is used for biological deodorization tower

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