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MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media[Product print page]

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Product Name: MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media
Product Type: NK-MBBR
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media PE MBBR filter media for pond,fish farming,aquarium,Koi filters,wastewater treatment and moving bed biological reactor.

MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media Details

MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media

MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media for pond, fish farming,aquarium,Koi filters,wastewater treatment and moving bed biological reactor.We offer advanced wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets. These solutions significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of existing wastewater treatment plants, while minimizing the size of new plant deployments.
Applications of MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media:
1. All types of industrial and domestic wastewater.
2. Both organic as nitrogen removal.
3. New plants or system upgrades.
4. Limited footprint.  
Common Specifications of MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media:
Φ12×7mm, Φ11×7mm, Φ10×7mm, Φ14.5×10mm,  Φ25×12mm.
We can also customize according to customer requirements.
MBBR Media,Biocell Filter Media General introduction:
The suspension biological packing is called BIOCELL. It modified polymeric materials with the promoted additions of bio-enzyme, it improves the enzymatic catalysis, so it possess excellences of larger specific surface, being easy to multiply biofilm, difficult falling off, high denitrification, good hydrophile, high biological activity and so on.

Best Hydrophilicity Biocell filter media:
Many research have shown that biocompatibility and hydrophilicity have a great influence on the performance of biological filter media. Hence, choosing materials with better biocompatibility, superior hydrophilic properties have become particularly important.

Technical indices of biocell filter media:

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