Tower Packing- random packing&structured packing

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Tower Packings - Random & Structured characteristics
Besides tray column, distillation (as well as other unit operations such as gas absorption, liquid-liquid extraction, etc.) can also be carried out using packed column filled with packings. Various types of packings made of different types of materials of construction are available, and both random and structured packings are commonly used. Examples of random packings as shown in the Figures below -are Raschig rings, Pall rings, Berl saddles, etc.

Tower Packings - Random & Structured characteristics
Random packings, as the name implied, are dumped into a column during installation and allowed to fall in random. Small packings poured randomly into a vessel is certainly the more popular and commonly employed form of packed-tower design. However, in certain instances where exceptionally low pressure drop and very high flowrates are involved, stacked or oriented packings have also been used.
However, only those packings of cylindrical shape and with a diameter larger than 3-inch would be practical to install in a stacked form.
Tower Packings - Random & Structured characteristics
Structured Packing
Structured packings are considerably more expensive per unit volume than random packings. They come with different sizes and are neatly stacked in the column. Structure packings usually offerless pressure drop and have higher efficiency and capacity than random packings.

Metal structured packings

Ceramic structured packing

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