Naike Chemical New Year Celebration

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New Year Celebration

The New Year is around us now, and I hope that you're working your way towards your goals and the fulfillment of your resolutions (if you made any). Whether you’ve made some or not, I wish you the best of success with each new day that makes its way into our lives--take good care of yourself, and the rest will fall into place!

 In 2014,Pingxiang Naike Chemical has made great achivements in many projects.Hope we could be better in the new year.


All the employees are togther and enjoy the lunch.

Thank you very much for your help in 2014.Let's continue to support each other in 2015.

Pingxiang Naike Chemical Industry Equipment Packing Co.,LTD wish a 2015 full of happiness, peace, health, great achievements and experiences for you and all your family! Happy new year!

Random Tower Packing (column packing): Intalox saddles, Super saddles, Nutter rings, Cross partition rings, Cascade rings, Raschig rings, Conjugate rings, Catalyst bed support inert alumina ceramic balls. Materials are available with ceramic, plastic, and metal. 

Structured tower packing (column packing): ceramic, plastic, and metal structured tower packing. 

Ceramic products: Ceramic Honeycomb Substrate, Ceramic Foam Filters, Honeycomb Monoliths, Molecular sieves, Acid resistant ceramics, Wear resistant ceramics, Grinding ceramic balls, and Heat exchange ceramics.

Naike Chemical New Year Celebration Naike Chemical New Year Celebration
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