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50mm metal intalox saddle ring[Product print page]

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Product Name: 50mm metal intalox saddle ring
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50mm metal intalox saddle ring is highy performance random packing successfully used in mass transfter towers both small and large diameter.It is frequently used in deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial and also high pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays.50mm metal intalox saddle ring

50mm metal intalox saddle ring Details

Low pressure drop and high efficiency
Large effective interfacial area 
High mechanical strength
Low cost 

Transfer towers both small and large diameter
Deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial
Distillation, absorption etc
High pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays

Name Size Diameter (mm) Weight(kg/m3) Pieces(m3) Surface Area(m2/m3) Void(%)
Intalox Saddle Ring ø110 Φ10×H10×0.3 571 768000 500 75
ø112.7 Φ12.7×H12.7×0.3 490 410000 400 80
ø116 Φ16×H16×0.3 408 214,000 350 86
ø125 Φ25×H25×0.5(0.4) 403(322) 51,940 220 88
ø138 Φ38×H38×0.6(0.4) 326(217) 15,180 150 90
ø150 Φ50×H50×0.8(0.5) 322(201) 6,500 110 92
ø176 Φ76×H76×1.0(0.6) 262(157) 1,830 68 95
ø189 Φ89×H89×1.2(0.7) 283(165) 1,200 58 97

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