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Product Name: Metal Pall Ring
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Metal Pall Ring are an advancement on the Raschig Ring, with similar cylindrical dimensions but with two rows of punched out holes, with fingers or webs turned into the centre of cylinder. Metal Pall Ring has the impact of significantly increasing the performance of the packing, both in terms of throughput, efficiency and pressure drop.

Metal Pall Ring Details

Various Separation and Absorption Applications 
Absorption and Stripping Services 
Steam Stripping 
Quench Towers 
Direct Contact Cooling 
Reaction Towers 
Distillation Columns 
Tower Packing 

High Loading & Throughput 
Easily Wettable 
High Resistance of Fouling and Temperature Applications
Small Specific Gravity 
Mechanically Robust & Suitable for Deeper Beds 
Good Liquid and Gas Distribution 
Name Normal Diameter*Height*Thickness  Surface area Void space Bulk density No.elements Packing factor
mm mm m2/m3 % kg/m3 per/m3 m-1
Pall ring ø16 16*16*0.4 239 92.8 365 205000 299
ø25 25*25*0.6 219 93.4 427 55900 269
ø38 38*38*0.8 129 94.5 365 13000 153
ø50 50*50*1.0 112.3 94.9 395 6500 131

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