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Product Name: T33 Filter housing
Product Type: T33 Filter housing
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T33 Filter housing introduction Water temperature:4 to 38 degrees Celsius Apply pressure:0.1-0 .3 (Mpa) Usage:Water filtration(filter so filled) Length:25cm Outer diameter:5cm Inner diameter:3.75cm

T33 Filter housing Details
NAIKE Small T33 filter housing

Brief introduction

Small T33 filter housing standard female thread interface is well sealed and will not leak. Can be installed in the water or water purifier post carbon.
Filter housing can be used repeatedly, just replace the inside of the filter.
Transparent straight pipe filter bottle, as large size and small T33 post carbon, can be fitted stone, tourmaline, far-infrared weak alkaline balls, coconut shell carbon, silicon, phosphorus grain, etc., to enjoy the fun of DIY. Two can be opened, the filter cover part of the design with fine mesh to prevent the particles out. Thick filter housing design, the filter cover seal design, long time no leakage annoyance!


T33 filter housing Avaliable Parts

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