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Product Name: Light Ceramic Packing
Product Type: NK-LCP
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Light Ceramic Packing is developed on the basis of Wooden lattice packing and Random packings & Foam light-ceramic, it is a new highly active packing

Light Ceramic Packing Details
Light Ceramic Packing

Naike Light Ceramic Packing is developed for increasing its Light-ceramic is developed on the basis of  Wooden lattice packing and Random packings & Foam light-ceramic, it is a new highly active packing. Light-Ceramics Packing has outstanding characteristics and excellent effects in various chemical processes.

Light ceramic packing special suit for washing benzene tower and the desulfurizer specialized packing,light ceramic packing which has light bulk density ,large surface area,low resistance ,can incise ,high temperature resistance and anti-corrupting.

It is widely used in coking industry to washing benzene,washing ammonia,decarbonization ,desulfurizing and so on.
A.NK light ceramic packing has a light bulk density and low resistance. The density of multi-pore packing is 1.04g/cm3 and the specific gravity of one pile is 0.4g/cm3, which is much lower than for ceramic and metal packing. Thus it has the advantage of being light weight.
B.NK light ceramic packing has a large mass-transfer coefficient, large valid area and excellent effectiveness. Tests conducted by Tianjin University have shown that the coefficient of multi-pore packing is 2.2 times higher than holo-ceramic packing.
C.NK light ceramic packing can resist aging, sudden heat and sudden coldness. Its fire-proofing rate is 1400oc , and it is acid resistant, thus can be used for a long time and is not easily aged.
D.We have NK Environment-friendly 6-ribbed ceramic ring, NK Light Multi ceramic ring, NK Light-ribbed Bar-crossed ceramic ring and NK Light Corrugated-grating ring.

Main Specification:

Chemical Composition:

Physical Properties:

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