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Roll on ball and holder for deodorant and perfume[Product print page]

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Product Name: Roll on ball and holder for deodorant and perfume
Product Type: NK-ROB
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Roll on ball and holder for deodorant and perfume Material:ball PP+holder PE Size:8mm, 10mm,25.2mm,28.8mm,35.2mm

Roll on ball and holder for deodorant and perfume Details

Roll on ball and holder for deodorant and perfume:

1) We are specialize in producing plastic balls.
Hollow plastic ball diameter10mm-100mm, are mainly used in the cosmetic packaging, sewage  disposal,and for floating.
Solid ball diameter 1mm--60mm, mainly used in the industry of bearing.
2) Plastic balls are made of different materials, such as PP,PE, POM, PA,PMMA and so on.
The tolerance  can be 0.01mm with good surface and precision.
3) Our products are mainly sold to European and American area.
4) Honest And Trustworthy Enterprise.

◊ roll on ball and holder for deodorant and perfume
◊ Widely used in cosmetics industry .
◊ Light and cheap product
◊ Color : Natural and white or per your request .
◊ Applicable:moisturizing lotions,skin care etc.
◊ Remark: Cap and bottle can supply as customers request

Roll On Ball Sizes from 3/8” (10mm) to 6” (150mm)

Hollow Plastic Balls Float to Create an Effective Vapor and Thermal Barrier
Chemical Resistant – Balls do not absorb liquids
Hollow Ball Blankets cover 91% of Surface Area
Balls Rise and Fall with Liquid Level
Made from Polypropylene Material that Meets FDA Requirements
Custom Ball Sizes are Available Upon Request
Hollow Ball Blanket Allows for Metal Part Processing
Natural, Colors, and Black for UV Resistance
Maintenance Free - Hollow Balls are Easy to Install
Hollow Polypropylene Balls withstand continuous working temperature of 220º F
Precision Ground Hollow Plastic Balls are available
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