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Product Name: Negative Potential Ceramic Ball
Product Type: NK-NPCB
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Negative Potential Ceramic Ball for water filter mainly used for reducing ORP of water and making it to negative value and adjusting PH etc.

Negative Potential Ceramic Ball Details

Negative Potential Ceramic Ball

Negative Potential Ceramic Ball(also known as Slim & Cosmetic Ceramic Ball) is made of natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, high-grade clay added with other natural healthcare powder, such as negative ion powder and germanium powder etc by nanometer comminution technology and high temperature sinter, mainly used for reducing ORP of water and making it to negative value and adjusting PH etc. 

Functions & Features :

1. Reduce the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) value of tap water, generally from +360~+400 to +120~160, Max. to -10~-80.
2. Accelerate metabolism and enhance immunity of the body
3. Purify blood and lighten burden of liver
4. Boost gastrointestinal peristalsis, stop pain and diminish inflammation

P.S.: Seven Functions of Negative Potential
People’s health blood is alkalescence, but pressure will let the body present acidity. By use of negative potential effect to adjust natrium and calcium ions in the blood, make acidity body transfer into alkalescence, so as to adjust body quality, make you feel in forest bath when sit or sleep and resume your spirit. According to Japanese medicine report points out: Negative potential can improve majority diseases, esp. various chronics that modern people is easy to suffer both have eximious effect. Its major functions as following:
1st Function: Accelerate metabolism and boost up immunity of human body
When negative potential inside body increased due to intercourse of cell membrane electrical property substance activate cells, make various nutriment being absorbed. While old waste inside the cell can be completely discharged, build up metabolism, toxin will be discharged out of the body, natural and health with energy.
2nd Function: Purify blood and improve arteriosclerosis
Negative potential can make the proportion of calcium and natrium ions in the blood ascend. Accelerate alkalescence of the blood. The blood becomes alkalescence which can reduce cholesterin etc waste to adhibit on the walls. That has very great efficacy to prevent arteriosclerosis, apoplexy and heart blood vessel diseases etc.
3rd Function: Accelerate active ferment and lighten the burden of the liver
Ferment produced by the liver is the necessary important substance for maintaining living activity. While the active function of ferment is decided by the acidity alkalescence of the blood because negative potential can purify blood, so promote active ferment and lighten the burden of the liver greatly.
4th Function: Adjust self-discipline nerve
Self-discipline nerve is not random nerve controlled all human body’s bowel, blood vessel and incretion etc, which can make our will control have no relation. That is the indispensable basic enginery to maintain the life, so it also called life nerve. So important nerve enginery will depend on absorbing negative potential to gain balance (positive and negative sympathetic nerve reaches balance status), and the function of endocrine that has close relation with self-discipline nerve will also be unchecked. For modern people’s maladjustment symptom of self-discipline nerve continuously increased (such as insomnia, headache, neuralgia, pant, tinnitus, intranquil, dizzy and physiological checked etc) it all has remarkable efficacy.
5th Function: Accelerate vermicular motion
Negative potential can accelerate vermicular motion and make ferment inside the intestines active. Not only prevent bacterium inside the intestines from breeding abnormally but also keep intestines and stomach unchecked, improve the puzzle of astriction and uncomfortable intestines and stomach.
6th Function: Assuage pain & diminish inflammation and speed up wound heal
For general trauma wound, blood stream without end or various body pain, negative potential energy both have efficacies, such as diminish inflammation, relieve swelling, prohibit pain, boost up wound heals and speed up hemostasia etc.
7th Function: Purify air like forest bath
Simultaneously when using negative potential energy increase the content of negative ions in the indoor air with purifying indoor air and easing the body etc efficacy.
Packing & Storage :
Packing with plastic bags, 25kg/bag, or customized
Keep from raining, and avoid moisture. Stored in dry place.
Instruction For Use :
Should wash with clean water for two times in advance, then can be directly used for drinking water treatment.

Highest using temperature: 950°c

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