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Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball[Product print page]

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Product Name: Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball
Product Type: NK-PHFB
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Tower Packing:Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball Naike 's hollow floatation is heavier than others , have better absorption effect and high purifying effciency.

Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball Details

Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball

Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball is successfully used in many applications: Anodizing, food processing, metal processing and finishing, sewage treatment, gas scrubbing, temperature retardation and so on.Plastic Hollow Floatation Ball Packing, a type of plastic random packing, with good filtration capacity. 

Mainly feature:
Control fumes and smell
Reduce evaporation and foul smell with 90%
Reduce loss of valuable chemicals and fluids
Save 70-75% energy on heated tanks
Reduce oxygen uptake
Solve many problems conected to the protection of the environment

Technical parameters:



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