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Product Name: Silica Hydride As Anti Oxidant
Product Type: NK-SH
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Silica Hydride As Anti Oxidant for water filtration media has been described as the single most significant advancement in the field of health and longevity.

Silica Hydride As Anti Oxidant Details
Silica Hydride As Anti Oxidant

Silica Hydride has been described as the single most significant advancement in the field of health and longevity. It utilizes "nanotechnology" to bring you thousands of times more antioxidant fighting power than ordinary antioxidants.

With nano meter technology (nanometer: one billionth of a meter) you can help protect yourself against free radicals, Silica Hydride gives you more free radical fighting power than any other antioxidant and will not turn into a free radical like all other antioxidants.
Athletes of all abilities know that everyone benefits from a diet rich in antioxidants - many athletes have experienced better performance using Silica Hydride before and after workouts.
Pro basketball and football teams are both using and evaluating Silica Hydride's effects on their players performance, endurance, and recovery periods.

1. Scavenge Free Radicals: New Silica Hydride scavenges even more of the dangerous free radicals--the reason you take antioxidants.

2. Stimulates The Source Of Energy: NADH is the precursor of ATP, your source of energy.

3. Increases Hydration: Silica Hydride has been shown in a double-blind controlled clinical study to increase cellular and extra cellular hydration and total body water.

4. Reduces Lactic Acid During Exercise: New Silica Hydride was shown in a university study to reduce the levels of lactic acid during strenuous exercise.

Because Silica Hydride provides a high concentration of negative hydrogen ions, (the ions that neutralize free radicals) it produces an antioxidant effect - helping you defend yourself against destructive free radicals.
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