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Product Name: Far infrared Ceramic Ball
Product Type: NK-FICB
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Far infrared Ceramic Ball for water purifier has more than 90% far infrared radiation emissivity., can boost metabolism, and improve blood circulation.

Far infrared Ceramic Ball Details

Far infrared Ceramic Ball

In addition to acting as an anti-ageing agent,it strengthrns the body’s resistance to infectious doseases,increasing the oxygen capacity of the blood and improving stress tolerance.Also ,far infrared ceramic ball imporoves the balance of blood pressure , blood sugar , and increase in oxygen and nutrients in your cells resulting in increased muscle strength.,vitality and mental stability . Natural wavelengths of far infrared light, ,are essential for bone growth as well as preventing osteoporosis, regulating hormonal functions and boosting your immune system.
Using far infrared ceramic ball a long time to drink filtered water ,not only can add to the body of zinc lithium , iodine , selenium and other trace elements in over 20, but also to regulate micro-organisms cycle,improve the body ,immune capacity of health play a role. Development of new  antibacterial , activation ,adsorption ,filtering water purification products.Preparation of materials from the far outside of the ceramic ball ,the far-infrared emission rate is high and the water absorption ,the goods will be fully rich in zinc ,lithium, iodine,selenium and other essential more than 20 kinds of trace elements,slow evenly .In the release of water purification ,making the activation of water purification contain more useful minerals.

Main Ingredients:
Tourmaline: 25-30%
Far infrared powder: 25-30%
Porcelain clay: 10-15%
High grade clay: 15-20%
Others: about 10%

Main Features:
Radiance of far infrared ray (the wavelength is 225μm) : ≥0.90
Amount of generating negative ions: 250400p/s.cm3
PH of soaking water solution: 7.0-7.2
Insoluble, gradually releasing mineral substance

Packing, Storage and Transportation:
Plastic bag, 25kg/bag,or customized
Keep from raining, and avoid moisture. Stored in dry place.

Instruction For Use:
Should wash with clean water for two times in the first, then can be directly used for treating drinking water.

the highest using temperature is at 950

Far infrared ceramic ball for water purifiers, functional textile fiber, etc.
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