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Product Name: Plastic Heilex Ring
Product Type: NK-PHR
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Plastic Heilex Ring is a good plastic random packing made from heat resistant and chemical corrosion resistant plastics, including PE, PP, RPP, PVC, CPVC and PVDF.

Plastic Heilex Ring Details

Plastic Heilex Ring


Plastic Tower Packings are made from polyethylene(PE),polypropylene(PP),reinforced polypropylene(RPP),polyvinyl chloride  (PVC),chlorinated polyvinyl chloride(CPVC)and polyvinylidene fluoride(PVDF).



1. plastic heilex ring for tower packing media are new kind of open-celled filler made by PP injection. Their special structure make it has big flux, low pressure drop, corrosion resistance and good anti-impaction capability.

2. plastic heilex ring has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion, large void space and fluid capacity, low pressure drop, energy saving, low operation cost, light in weight and  easy to be load and unload, and reusable.


1.Plastic Heilex Rings won’t nest each other, they have small wall flow effect and uniform gas distribution. They are used in gas absorption, cooling and purification processes.
2.Plastic Heilex Ring is available for stripping, absorbing and washing in low temperature of 60-150C in the tower in chemical, petrochemical, alkali chloride, coal gas and environmental protection industries.
Technical Parameter:

The bulk density given here is based on PP material

Physical & Chemical Properties of Plastic Packings
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