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Product Name: Ceramic Structured Packing
Product Type: NK-CSP
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Ceramic Structured Packing,Supplier of Metal/Plastic/Ceramic Structured Packing.the surface structure of ceramic packing could promote wetting and keep liquid hold-up to a minimum.

Ceramic Structured Packing Details

Ceramic Structured Packing

Ceramic structured packing can generate extremely thin film liquid flow and tortuous vapor flow passages promote mixing of liquid and vapor and, at the same time, general little pressure drop. These are reasons for ceramic structured packing have the same mass transfer efficiency as metal packing. Meanwhile, ceramic structured packings are much more resistant to corrosion and high temperature than metal packing. The surface structure of ceramic packing could promote wetting and keep liquid hold-up to a minimum.

1. High liquid & vapor loading, Column diameter could be designed smaller for new equipment and capacity could be increased dramatically for existing column revamp.
2.  High resistance to nearly all mineral and organic acids and derivatives, partly resistant to alkalis.

3. High mass-transfer efficiency. Much higher specific surface area than random packing.

4. Low pressure drop, considerable energy savings.

5. Wide turndown ratio. Easy to scale up.

6.Suitable for all sizes of column.

Ceramic structured packing was not only widely used in coal gas washing tower, fertilizer heat gas saturation tower, naphthalene washing tower, ammonia washing tower, but also as the support for heat exchange machine , catalyst, and suit for a big tower rebuilding/revamp..


Physical Property 

Geometric Characteristic

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