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Product Name: Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring
Product Type: NK-CMR
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring is a kind of random packing further developed on the basis of and Raschig Ring.Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring are the most advanced random packing designs offered today.

Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring Details

Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring


NAIKE Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring is a kind of random packing further developed on the basis of and Raschig Ring. The ratio of ring height to its diameter is ½ and a conical rolled edge is added to the rings end.

The rings height is decreased and tube wall is thinned. Due to the additional conical rolled edge, the mechanical strength of the ring is improved and the rings symmetry is destroyed. Therefore, accumulation voidage is increased significantly. The resistance to vapor is decreased and flux is increased a lot when vapor-liquid flows through the packing bed. Distribution of vapor-liquid is distributed more evenly and the interface between vapor and liquid is increased so as to improve the mass transfer efficiency.


Ceramic Cascade Mini Ring widely applied in various packing towers of desiccation, absorption, cooling, washing, and regeneration in industries of petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, gas and oxygen generation.

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