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Product Name: Mineral Ceramic Ball
Product Type: NK-NCB
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


Mineral Ceramic Ball Used for water purifiers, textile and health care products;the highest using temperature is at 950

Mineral Ceramic Ball Details

Mineral Ceramic Ball

One kind of environmental protection and health care ball that is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, Maifan Stone, porcelain clay and calcium carbonate by nanometer combination technology, special formula and agglomeration techniques, and used for activating, purifying and mineralizing drinking water.

ranule Sizes: 4- 5mm, 6-8mm

Main Ingredients:
Tourmaline: 5%   
Mafia Stone: 40%
Silicon dioxide: 27.95%
Clay: 35%

Main Features:
Amount of generating negative ions: 500pc/s.cm3
Radiance of far infrared ray the wavelength is 416μm≥80%
PH of soaking water solution: 6.58.5
Insoluble, gradually releasing mineral substance
Instruction For Use:
Should wash with clean water for two times in the first, then can be directly used for treating drinking water Keep from raining, and avoid moisture. Stored in dry place.

the highest using temperature is at 950

For activating, purifying and mineralizing drinking water.


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