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Product Name: Ceramic Pall Ring
Product Type: NK-CPR
Product Manufacturers: NKCHEM
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Ceramic Pall Ring is kind of random packing further developed based on Raschig Ring, with two layers of windows opened along its tube wall.Ceramic Pall Ring has vantage of acid & heat resistance.

Ceramic Pall Ring Details

Ceramic Pall Ring

Ceramic Pall Ring is one of the most common and well known Tower Packings.Ceramic Pall Ring is already an industry standard design media developed from the Raschig Ring and is used widely in all variety of applications. After improving, it opens two rows of window holes with inner tongue sheet on wall of ring. This new structure improves distribution of gas and liquid, adopting inner surface of ring sufficiently. Compared to Rasching Ring, its disposal capacity increases by up to 50% while pressure decreases to half of former.

Generally, the area for open windows occupies 30% of the total area of the tube wall. Ceramic Pall Ring helps vapor and liquid flow freely through these windows, making full use of the ring’s inner surface to improve distribution of vapor-liquid.

With the characters of high mechanical strength, high chemical stability, and excellent heat endurance.

Ceramic Pall Ring can resist high temperature, acid ( except HF ), alkali, salt and various organic solvents.Ceramic Pall Ring widely applied in various packing towers of desiccation, absorption, cooling, washing and regeneration in industries of petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, gas and oxygen generation.If ring's size is over 100mm, it is usually filled in column orderly. If its size is less than 90mm, pall ring is stacked in the column randomly.

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