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Ceramic Intalox Saddle

 Our company and Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd signed the "Gas Chemical Company tower system technology upgrade project filler" supply contract in 23th.March,2012 which is registered after the sucess of our company since February 2012 to become supplier of Bao steel Group signed the first contract. The project is the result of Shanghai Baohua International Tendering Co., bidding , my company with outstanding qualifications, superior technology , excellent performance and excellent inexpensive price, after obtaining the on-site audit qualification in the tender , the tender Baosteel Company and appoint staff after investigation, for my company to conduct a comprehensive , rigorous review concluded . Item Unit after signing the contract, the company also appoint personnel to strictly monitor the production process , after the on-site monitoring work , the staff of my company production schedules and product quality are highly endorsed .
My company under contract and technical requirements in the agreement , in strict accordance with the quality , quantity and time the product will be shipped to the project contract units designated project site , with quality products and honest service delivery successful completion of this project , has been the project unit fully affirmed.
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