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Mesoporous Molecular sieve MCM-22 zeolite is a novel microporous molecular sieve with MWW structure. In the molecular sieve layered structure of the upper and lower surfaces are covered with high density of the hole structure, the hole structure for the twelve yuan ring opening, the depth of about 0.7 nm.
MCM-41 consists of a regular arrangement of cylindrical mesopores that form a one-dimensional pore system. BET results reveal its uniform pore diameter, sharp pore distribution, large surface area and large pore volume.
The Na-Y type molecular sieve is a sodium type aluminosilicate crystal having a large specific surface area. Y molecular sieve is widely used as the catalytic cracking catalyst as acid activation component, and can also be used in petroleum refining and petrochemical catalytic processes such as adsorbent, hydrocracking, alkylation, hydrodewaxing, diesel pour point depressing.
Factory Price Molecular Sieve SAPO-11 Zeolite Catalyst Powder for Cracking is composed of PO2, ALO2, SIO2 three tetrahedron connected with each other, with oxygen octagonal ring composed of ellipsoidal cage, round or wrinkled structure, the aperture diameter is maintained at between 0.43-0.50nm .
HY molecular sieves are hydrogen molecular sieves with Y - type crystal results.HY molecular sieve refers to the molecular sieve with HY crystal structure formed after the sodium ions contained in the skeleton of y-type molecular sieve are replaced by H ions. It is a kind of silicoaluminate containing H ions in the skeleton.It is mainly used to prepare the active components of FCC catalyst.
Beta zeolit has strong acidity and unique three-dimensional porous.Compare with Y type zeolite, Beta zeolit has higher thermal stability in FCC, hydrofining, hydrocracking isomerization, alkylation, esterification, aromatics disproportionation, macromolecular amination of methyl naphthalene disproportionation and alcohol, etc .
methanol to olefin(MTO) catalyst sapo-34 zeolite is a zeolite with a chabazite class structure. Si-Al-phosphate is its skeleton’s primarycomponent. This zeolite contains six-membered ring and eight-membered ring pairs as well as afour-membered elliptical cross-CHA cage and a three-dimensional pore structured ring.
sm-35 molecular sieve, also known as magnesia alkali zeolite, belongs to the orthogonal crystal system, FER type topological skeleton structure, with 8-membered ring and 10-membered ring of the vertical cross two-dimensional channel system.
zeolite zsm-5 molecular sieve is widely used as addition of diesel hydrodewaxing catalyst and fixed bed catalytic cracking catalyst.
Zeolite ZSM-5 catalyst used for hydrocarbon interconversion.Our factory have 37 years of manufacturing experience with high quality and low price.
Molecular Sieve Zeolite Powder have different of shapes of pellet, sphere,powder,as a strong absorbent and high dispersibility,rapid adsorbability.
Carbon Molecular Sieve is widely applied in petroleum chemical industry, the heat treatment of metal, the electronic manufacture and food preservation industries.
Molecular Sieve 13X also has the highest theoretical capacity of the common adsorbents and very good mass transfer rates.Molecular Sieve 13X is commonly used to separate nitrogen from oxygen.
Molecular Sieve 5A is a kind of alkali aluminosilicate and able to adsorb molecules with their critical diameters no more than 5A.
Insulating Glass Molecular Sieve is the product to provide the insulating glass industry with the highest water capacity and lowest gas adsorption for solvent-free system.
Molecular Sieve 4A,Good adsorbent synthetic zeolite; High quality ,Low price ,Good reputation; Long-term relationship.
Molecular sieve 3A is used for commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams as cracked gas,acetylene,propylene,and butadiene.

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