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T33 Filter housing introduction Water temperature:4 to 38 degrees Celsius Apply pressure:0.1-0 .3 (Mpa) Usage:Water filtration(filter so filled) Length:25cm Outer diameter:5cm Inner diameter:3.75cm
Dechlorination Cartridge is widely used as a disinfector in many waterworks.
Water Purifier Parts 3 function plastic diverter valve
NAIKE Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge 1.The alkaline filter give the water pH value of 8.00~9.50; 2.Reduce the ORP value of -200mv to -300mv; 3.Increase mineral; 4.Small molecules of water clusters
Energy Ceramic Ball,Bio ceramic ball,Alkaline Ceramic Ball,Tourmaline ceramic ball,Far Infrared Ceramic Ball, ORP Ceramic Ball,the Function of Activation and anti-bacterium,mineralize water

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