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Demister Pads are porous blankets of metal wire or plastic knitted mesh, designed and constructed for the efficient, economical removal of entrained liquid droplets from vapor streams.
Mist eliminator, also known as demister pad, provides a large surface area in a small volume to collect liquid without substantially impeding gas flow.
Gas Distributor is a patented product of Tianjin University. It has very good operation performance such as low spatial occupying, plug proof and low-pressure drop.
Distributor is required at all locations in the column where an external liquid stream is introduced. In addition to providing a uniform liquid distribution pattern to the top of the packed bed
Liquid Distributor B is a typical liquid distributor designed to provide excellent water distribution over a wide turn down ratio.
Liquid Distributor is a typical liquid distributor with single parting box and weir troughs.Liquid loading,gas loading and column diameter will dictate the number of parting boxes.

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