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Corrugated fire retardant core is one of the most important components of flame arrester.
Cannon Ring
50mm metal intalox saddle ring is highy performance random packing successfully used in mass transfter towers both small and large diameter.It is frequently used in deep vacuum towers where low pressure drop is crucial and also high pressure towers where capacity significantly exceeds conventional trays.50mm metal intalox saddle ring
Metal Pall Ring are an advancement on the Raschig Ring, with similar cylindrical dimensions but with two rows of punched out holes, with fingers or webs turned into the centre of cylinder. Metal Pall Ring has the impact of significantly increasing the performance of the packing, both in terms of throughput, efficiency and pressure drop.
Metal HY-PAK Packing is a kind of random packing.Offers an improved alternative to Pall type ring packing.
Metal Wire Gauze Structured Packing has feature of specific surface large, void ratio high and weight light; Gas path obliquity small and regular, pressure drop low;
Fenske Spiral is made of metal wire to twist together, its contour is similar with the spring, so also called the triangle spring padding.
Dixon Ring widly used as the metal random packing is used mainly for laboratory and low-volume, high-purity product separation process.
Metal VSP Ring have reasonable Geometric symmetry, good structural uniformity and High porosity. The surface of the packing tower is continuous and not disconnecting ,evenly distributed in space.
Metal Conjugate Ring combines the advantages of ring and saddles. owe to the conjugate curve, it has some features of structured packing for its uniformity holes and low resistance.
Metal Cascade Ring is widely used in desulphurization and decarburization system in compound ammonia plant, decompressed plant and so on.
Tower Packing:Metal Intalox Saddle Ring is high performance random packing successfully used in mass transfer towers both small and large diameter.
Metal Pall Ring Packing is widely used in all kinds of separation, absorb plants, constant decompress plants, compounding ammonia plant, decarbonization , desulfuration ,etc.
Metal Rasching Ring is proved to be a kind of good packings in a wide of mass transfer applications . Has the material as 304,304L,410,316,316L.
Metal structured packing has feature of specific surface large, void ratio high and weight light; Gas path obliquity small and regular, pressure drop low;
Perforated Dixon packing are made of metal which has a good hardness is a high efficient random packing.

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