MBBR bio media

The moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR bio media) was developed in Norway in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It is covered by several patents and has been a huge success world-wide for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters. In addition, MBBR bio media have been successfully used for biological treatment of drinking water as well as for water treatment in fish farms. The MBBR bio media use plastic biofilm carriers of a unique design, to maximize the active biofilm surface area in the reactors. Reactors have insignificant headloss, no need for periodic backwashing and no susceptibility for clogging. This paper describes the fundamentals of the MBBR bio media. It has a major emphasis on nitrification with the type of biofilm carrier used in fish farms, but briefly touches upon removal of organic matter and denitrification. Major factors influencing the nitrification rates in MBBR bio media are discussed in detail. Results from small-scale MBBR bio media tests, as well as from commercially operated MBBR bio media at full scale fish farms are presented. The data are from both freshwater and marine applications.

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