Activated molecular sieve powder

The activated molecular sieve powder is a high-efficiency adsorbent which adopts a stage heating method and a high temperature activation treatment to remove water in the molecular pores and has an open skeleton structure and an active adsorption space.

Features & effects:

1.Good dispersion and extremely fast adsorption speed.

2. Dehydrate the moisture sensitive formula to effectively remove unnecessary reaction water and other impurities from your material.


1. Polyurethane system (paint, paint, adhesive, etc.), unnecessary reaction water in the removal system.

2. Epoxy zinc-rich coating, inhibiting the reaction of water and zinc.

3. Insulating glass strips remove moisture from paint and sealing materials during window manufacturing.

4. In the specific polymer, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide generated during the adsorption process are adsorbed.

The activated molecular sieve powder produced by Naike Chemical has the characteristics of high adsorption rate, good stability and perfect after-sales. Welcome to contact us.

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