ZSM-5 catalyst

ZSM-5 catalyst was first synthesized by Argauer and Landolt in 1972. Its chemical formula is NanAlnSi96–nO192·16H2O (0<n<27). ZSM-5 is a zeolite with a high silica to alumina ratio.

Zeolite ZSM-5 catalyst is mainly used for hydrocarbon interconversion, meta-xylene to para-xylene, for example.The substitution of an aluminum ion (charge 3+) for a silicon ion (charge 4+) requires the additional presence of a proton. This additional proton gives the zeolite a high level of acidity, which causes its activity.

ZSM-5 is a highly porous material and throughout its structure it has an intersecting two-dimensional pore structure. ZSM-5 has two types of pores, both formed by 10-membered oxygen rings. The first of these pores is straight and elliptical in cross section, the second pores intersect the straight pores at right angles, in a zig-zag pattern and are circular in cross section.

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