Germanium Ceramic Ball

Germanium Ceramic Ball

When Germanium Ceramic Ball, Negative Ion Ceramic Ball, Antibacterial Ceramic Ball, Far Infrared Ceramic Ball and Mineral Ceramic Ball are used for bath or shower, how long is their valid period?

A: Theoretically, the valid period of Germanium Ceramic Ball, Negative Ion Ceramic Ball and Far Infrared Ceramic Ball can reach 3-5 years. But in practical application, as the restriction of factors such as water quality, sunshine, temperature, operation and quality of the ball etc., the valid period of above balls is about 1-2 years. And the valid period of Antibacterial Ceramic Ball and Mineral Ceramic Ball is about 6-12 months.

As these balls are used for bath or shower, under the circumstance of using 3 times per day and 15-20 minutes per time, please take out the balls after 2-3 months, and wash away the stain attached outside the balls, then make it sunbaked for use again. Certainly, after the first wash and use repeatedly, if wash the balls once every 30-50 days, the efficiency will be better. If usually taking out the ceramic balls – washing - sun baking - using again, not only can keep their efficiency, but also can prolong their service life.

Theoretically, negative ion, far infrared, activating and purifying water functions of germanium and Tourmaline Ceramic Balls can work in water for long. But their antibacterial and releasing mineral efficacy will be degressive as the increase of using times. In practical application, efficiency of germanium and tourmaline ceramic balls will descend gradually, as it is limited by time.

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