Maifan Stone Ceramic Ball

Maifan Stone Ceramic Ball

Regarding the maifan stone ceramic ball, I was simply asking as for what's a typical level of carcinogenic quartz in the maifan stone ceramic ball. What attributes of the maifan stone are beneficial to the health of livestock. (12.16) 

A:Our maifan stone ceramic ball is without quartz. The SiO2 you found on the test of maifan stone is not quartz, but only SiO2. Quartz and SiO2 are totally 2 different concepts. Quartz is the mineral structured by SiO2 totally, and almost all the nonmetal minerals include SiO2 more or less. But, the inorganic mineral containing SiO2, including maifan stone, and is not equal to contain quartz. Maitan stone ceramic ball contains varieties and rich mineral microelement. That is helpful for both people and livestock. That is why we recommended you to take into account maifan stone in your food process. 

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