Radium Ball

Q:One more thing, the Radium Balls (net), is this use for bath also and what is the goodness? 

A:For Radium bath ball, its goodness is as follows: 
1) Radium is called “spring elf” of hot spring. Radium Ball can dissolve fat and detoxified, and has function of boosting diuresis. 
2) Cure gout affection, enhance metabolism, accelerate cell regeneration, absorb disease outcome and have antipyrotic function. 
3) No matter drinking or balneation, both can excite hemopoietic organ so as to increase hemoleukocyte, and further lower blood pressure, relax vessel and reduce viscidity of blood. 
4) Radium emanation belongs to fat solubility, which can penetrate into the end of neurilemma. Not only have relaxative efficacy to aches, such as neuralgia and neuritis, but also have surprised efficacy to chronic arthritis and muscle rheumatism etc. 
5) Excited function of radium emanation to intestines: It can make heavy constipation symptom free and happy. 

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