Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

Tourmaline Ceramic Ball

Q: Can your Tourmaline Ceramic Ball be used for purifying drinking water, releasing mineral microelement and washing clothes?
A: Tourmaline ceramic ball we produced have the function of purifying drinking water, releasing mineral microelements and cleaning clothes, etc. Tourmaline ceramic ball with different use is of different formulation and its price is also different. Please kindly let us know:
(1) specification of the filters you produced, filter medium ingredients, structure design and instruction for use, etc. (It’s better to add one photo). You hope to meet what requirements after adding tourmaline ceramic ball or changing filter medium?
(2) What requirements you have to put special tourmaline ceramic ball into plastic washing ball, such as sizes, features and washing times, etc? What kind of detergent do you want to use together? If you can offer these specific technical indexes, features and price requirement to us, we would like to wholly design and customize the products you needed.

Q: What relation does the size of Tourmaline Ceramic Ball with the efficacy of water treatment?
A: If tourmaline ceramic ball is smaller, specific surface area of the ball will be bigger. Of course, its efficacy of treating water will be better than that of the bigger one. But if the ball is smaller, the manufacturing technology will be more complex and difficult. Therefore, comparing that, with the same material the price of smaller ball is higher than that of the bigger one.

Q: Can tourmaline ceramic ball resolve the questions of water condition in West Europe, especially in Africa and East Europe?
A: There is not any kind of filter medium is omnipotent for water treatment. Of course Tourmaline Ceramic Ball is also not exceptional. Questions of water condition in West Europe, especially in Africa and East Europe need many types of filter mediums to work with and can resolve. I suggest using three-stage filter treatment:
The first stage adopts PP cotton filter cartridge to remove bigger granule impurity in the water, etc.
The second stage adopts activated carbon, KDF, FIR and antibacterial ceramic balls compound filter cartridge to eliminate bacterium, heavy metal, chlorine and organic substances, etc.
The third stage adopts Energy Tourmaline Ceramic Ball, negative ion exchange resin, Maifan stone, top grade coconut shell activated carbon compound filter cartridge to resolve remained chlorine, odor, taste and mineral problems, and at the same time to soften water quality. Of course, if the water condition question is very serious, NF filter cartridge can also be considered.

Q: How to test microelements in the water?
A: We usually test microelements in the water through the spectrum-testing machine.

Q: Is there any difference between the test data in the lab and that of actual business application?
A:Yes, they are different. The reason is that the movement of mineral microelements in the water is determined by many factors, such as water quality, pressure, temperature and time etc. Different factors, different testing results. Moreover, the microelements of the tourmaline mineral ball released in the water will be changed and seem as curve as the time change, the test results for the same kind of ball both maybe not accordant in different this time and that time when put it in the water.

Q: Is the quantity of released microelements by mineral ceramic ball in actual commercial application the same with the test data in labs?
A: We can provide the test result of microelement and lanthanon of mineral ceramic ball in China. It is specially noted that the test result is just for your reference, and cannot be made as the standard to check the goods. During the passed business, we ever experienced such mistakes. Under different conditions (just like there is not fully same green leaf and fingerprint), the test result between China and foreign countries is absolutely discriminatory. Even if in the same lab, under same condition, the amounts of microelement in the water in the fist time will be different from the second time, which is the fact. For the moment, the quantities of the released microelements are just the test data in labs, and they are different from that of actual commercial application. In fact, we can only say that it can release microelements by inches. If anyone says that it can release some quantities of microelements in the commercial application, it must be inauthentic

Q: Will far infrared ceramic ball and various powders be influenced in electromagnetic field?
A: While you test our far infrared ceramic balls and various powders, please pay attention to the temperature, humidity, position and distance, especially the wavelength of incident radiation. When far infrared ceramic balls and various powders are placed in the electromagnetic field, I think they must obey kirchhoff's law. In accordance with the law, we know any good radiator also must be good absorber. At the same temperature, the stronger radiating ability the radiator has, the stronger absorbing ability it has. And the two capabilities have a relation of direct ratio. So all the far infrared objects (8~14µm wavelength) can radiate far infrared ray, also can absorb far infrared ray. Their radiating ability is the same with the absorbing ability (At certain instance, the absorbing ratio plus the radiating ratio is 1). Because the main ingredient of far infrared ceramic ball and the powders is nonmetal silicate containing boron, and they cannot conduct electricity (only containing little metal), so in the electromagnetic field the infrared radiation and property of them should not have a big change.

Q: Can you offer MSDS and SGS of Tourmaline Ceramic Ball?
A: Yes, We can.

Q:Which way can eliminate the limestone in water?
A: The main ingredient of limestone is calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sulfuric acid carbon and magnesium sulfate. Therefore one of the best way to eliminate the limestone in water is to apply“Na positive ion exchange resin”. That is quite ripe technology in water treatment.

Q:Which filter medium can eliminate residual chlorine in water?
A: Currently one of the best filter medium to eliminate residual chlorine in water is usually KDF (copper and zinc alloy) in the world, and also includes ferrous chloride, RO, NF membrane etc. Energy ceramic ball and activated carbon will have some efficacy to eliminate residual chlorine in water, but that is not its main function and strong point.

Q: Do you think the black tourmaline emit higher FIR radiance?
A:Regarding to the FIR radiance, in our years working, I think, generally speaking, the black tourmaline has higher FIR radiance than dravite.

Q:Attached please find SEM photo-micrographs on recent tourmaline sample. It appears particles of the new sample tend to be rather aggregated like hydrates, as shown in attached. The pic with the highest magnification supports the aggregation of particles, along with a surface adherence with tiny submicron particles. Most particles are partially coagulated. Do you know what causes such an undesirable status?
A: Enclosed are the SEM photo-micrographs we made for your reference. You can see that there are great difference from comparing yours with ours. So I doubt the reason why there are so many particles aggregated like hydrates is that there is something wrong with your test method. Our usual test method is that we soak the tourmaline firstly by using alcohol , then make separation by using ultrasonic, the SEM we got is accurate on the basis of this test method .

Q:Will the Tourmaline Ball radiate? Will it harm human body?
A:Indeed, the tourmaline ball will release energy, but it won’t harm human body if the amount of negative ions generated is less than 6000.

Q:Which of the Tourmaline ceramic balls can be used to filter water?
A:Almost each item of our Tourmaline Ceramic Ball Series can be applied for filtrate water, like energy ball, antibacterial ball, negative ion ball, FIR ball, tourmaline ball, mineral ball, ORP ball. Specially recommended item ---ORP ball, our American and Japanese customers have great demand on this product. We did a test on this item last week for one of our customers. The result turns out to be obvious and impressive. Please refer it to the attachment.

Q:Which of the Tourmaline cermic balls listed in your program would you recommand for big filter assets to water large agricultural areas?
A:Each item of ceramic ball is ok, but considering the effect and cost, tourmaline stone is the best choice. The green plants in our company are cultivated by tourmaline stone, which are very flourish.

Q:Checking your Website I found "Tourmaline Ceramic Ball" as a headline for many different Ceramic Balls, but no "Tourmaline Ceramic Ball" as a special product. Please help me to find.
A:We don’t have pure tourmaline ceramic ball for it’s hard to fire tourmaline ball without compounded with other materials. If you need pure tourmaline products, then only tourmaline sands is suitable.

Q:Please advice us the reserve time of ceramic balls. Our customer would like to know the reason of reserve time (3 years). Because, many other seller says that reserve time of our ball is semi-permanent...
A:Theoretically, ceramic balls can be used for a long time, (we could call it’s semi-permanent too), that’s to say, after having been used for 2-3 months (depends on water quality, sunshine, quality of the ball etc), it is better to take out the balls to wash away the stain attached outside and sunbake before use again. The efficiency will be better. If usually taking out the ceramic balls – washing - sun baking - using again, not only can keep their efficiency, but also can prolong their service life.
The number ‘3 years’ we mentioned in our Quality-certificate is a conservative time that we can give full guarantee.

Q:Can we use Antibacterial Ceramic Ball and Negative Ion Ceramic Ball at the same time? Will there be the problem of neutralizing (Ag+ and negative ion)?
A:Now we can provide the new item ---Radium ceramic ball. Its material is the radium soil material containing minute radium radial made in China, which is a kind of lead-containing barite.
Theoretically, Ag+ and Negative Ion will probably neutralize to some extent. When the Antibacterial Ceramic Ball and Negative Ion Ceramic Ball are used in water at the same time, negative ion will oxidate dissociative Ag+, thus deposit occurs and antibacterial effect reduces. That’ to say, when you use them at the same time, antibacterial effect will become weak. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot solve this problem. There are two methods:
1. Accession. Add Nano zinc oxide powder into Antibacterial ceramic ball. The activity of Nano zinc oxide is better than Ag+, so negative ion will react with zinc oxide first. Therefore, it can prevent Ag+ from Oxidation. In fact, our existing Nano Ag+ antibacterial ceramic ball has already contained some Nano zinc oxide powder.
2. Isolation. When you use these two balls, esp. for multi-staged filter cartridge, Antibacterial ceramic ball with Ag+ should be put on a relatively former position, and next stage should be other filtration materials, and then could be the negative ion ceramic ball. That is to separate these two balls. Antibacterial effect can be well kept, as well as no neutralization will occur between the Ag+ and negative ion.

Q:One of our customers uses ceramic ball for bath. After bath, ant flies to ceramic ball. Do you dispense some sweet thing in ceramic ball?
A:We didn't put sweet ingredient in ceramic ball, which wouldn’t attract ants at all. If you put ceramic ball and ants together, you could prove this. Regarding to your customer, I wonder whether the ceramic balls absorbed some bath cream or soap liquid when they were in water, and she didn’t clean the balls after bath. The things attracted ants were in fact the residue of essence. Certainly, this is my suspicion. If your customer could provide more details, I think my judging would be more accurate.

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